Located at the base of the Sierra Gorda mountain range, Queretaro is an absolutely charming colonial city. With romantic walkways and parks almost anywhere you go in the downtown area, it is hard to find a city more built for aimless wandering. This area is so inviting, it has become a primary retirement destination for Americans. As an added bonus, there are a number of daytrips to enjoy nearby including San Miguel de Allende, a constant placeholder on numerous travel magazines' top places to visit in the world. 
  1. "Bang For Your Buck" Factor
    Prices are generally lower on all things, and there is no exchange rate adjustment. Your dollars will go much further with food and entertainment.
  2. Authentic Experience
    Truly experience Mexico and what is has to offer. Food, culture, heritage, and more.
  3. Reduced ZIKA Risk
    The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, states that mountainous zones at elevations of 6500 ft or higher are considered to be low risk for the ZIKA virus.
  1. Some Spanish Required
    Truthfully, you can probably navigate your way around without speaking Spanish, but from time to time it could be a challenge. This should generally be consider a minor issue.
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  1. 1 M Residents
  2. 6,100 FT
  4. QRO
  5. 55-80 degrees

"​TOP 5"

We've argued, discussed, wieghed, and ranked, and in the end arrived at a Top 5 things to see and do at each destination, keeping in mind your procedure and health.

Scroll though the slides to take a look at what we would describe as interesting things to do and facsinating things to see that cannot be missed! 

​Best of all, our list is simply a "tip-of-the-iceberg" collection. Culture, heritage, art, history, sports, food, and natural sights are endless in this amazing country. 
  1. Romantic Evening Walks
    Romantic Evening Walks
    Queretaro has an extremely romantic downtown that is built for evening walks. Hear the music, smell the food, and share a warm drink.
  2. Aqueduct
    This one will be hard to miss as is located in near the center of town and perpendicular with a main street. This beautiful site is one of the largest of its kind.
  3. La Pena de Bernal
    La Pena de Bernal
    La Pena de Bernal is the one of the worlds tallest monoliths and resting at its feet is the quaint village of Bernal.
  4. San Miguel de Allende
    San Miguel de Allende
    This incredible town is located about an hour from Queretaro. It has been listed time and time again as one of the best places to visit in the world by various travel magazines.
  5. Legends and Myths of Queretaro
    Legends and Myths of Queretaro
    Learn about the deep and wild legends and myths of the city by taking an incredible guided tour at night!