Helping You Understand And Reduce Cost

Wrapping your mind around the cost of fertility services is a complicated task. So much so, you can easily spend weeks or even months researching it across the internet and making calls. Our service is designed to help you save your valuable time and reduce stress. 
Our pricing resources are available to help you understand the amount that you can save by having your procedure in Mexico as well as other issues that you should consider such as financing options and exchange rate concerns. 

Please note that all of our pricing is listed in U.S. Dollars, though at times, depending on the pricing of the clinic we may recommend that you pay in Mexican Pesos. 

Please remember, we are not a clinic nor are we physicians. We are a consulting & planning firm here to inform you about your options for fertility treatments in Mexico and to help plan your experience there.

We are based in the United States, independent, and are here to help. Our process starts with a quick initial conversation where you can feel free to ask us questions and learn more about, what we hope will be, a life changing experience for you!