Frequently asked questions

Deciding to travel for medical purposes is no small task and we are sure that you have questions. The list below is by no means comprehensive, but it does feature our "greatest hits." We highly recommend that you click the "Contact Us" button below so that we can provide you with the best answers for your particular situation. 
  1. How Much Time Will I Need in Mexico for IVF?
    Most clinics would tell you that you need to plan at least a week. We recommend that you plan for three weeks for your first cycle. That includes time for the initial medication run to ramp up production factors before extraction. This phase can be done in the US if need be.
  2. Do You Offer Financing?
    Yes! We are very excited to have partnered with United Medical Credit to offer personal medical loans to our clients. Please contact us for additional information before applying.
  3. What About the ZIKA Virus?
    This is a valid concern that even the CDC has addressed. It is also one more reason to have the procedure done in Puebla vs a place like Cancun or Guadalajara. According to the CDC, ZIKA carriers do not survive at elevations above 6,500 feet. The city of Puebla is 7,000 ft high.
  4. What Are Your Fees?
    We are not compensated by any clinic, nor do we add a "sur-charge" to the cost of your procedure. We are compensated by you for our Consulting & Planning Services fee and through a payment for accommodations in our packages. The design of our services is to help save you cost wherever possible, therefore, paying us, should hopefully cost you less.
  5. How Good Are the Doctors?
    We know that many people have perceptions about Mexico and the idea of what doctors there must be like. Those ideas could not be further from the truth. The specialist here are highly trained at the best schools and regularly attend conferences around the world.
  6. Any Info On Statistics?
    As we have been informed, their birth-rate statistic for all ages is in the low 60s%, which is at least what we found to be the case for many top providers in the US. Unlike the US specialists we met with however, they did not seem obsessed with touting this figure.
  7. Is There An Age Limit?
    While we are not connected with every clinic throughout Mexico, the ones that we do schedule through generally impose an age limit of 50.
  8. Can I Send A Sperm Donation To Mexico?
    Yes, sperm donations can be mailed to your clinic in Mexico, however they must be sent from a sperm bank in the United States. There is specific documentation required when mailing human genetic material, especially across borders.
  9. Any Testimonials?
    We do not feature testimonials, as frankly, they cannot be verified. Additionally, testimonials are inherently biased as only positive stories are promoted. Most, if not all, of the clinics in Mexico will happily promote their testimonials, as do clinics in the United States. Our feeling to generally look past testimonials.
Please remember, we are not a clinic nor are we physicians. We are a consulting & planning firm here to inform you about your options for fertility treatments in Mexico and to help plan your experience there.

We are based in the United States, independent, and are here to help. Our process starts with a quick initial conversation where you can feel free to ask us questions and learn more about, what we hope will be, a life changing experience for you!