Coordinating Care Wherever You Want To Go

Selecting where you would like to have your procedure should be based on a couple factors. First and foremost, what is your objective? Are you in it more to reduce cost or have an IVFcation?  What is your budget? How experienced of a traveler are you? 

As a general rule, tourist destinations will be more expensive. Not only do the clinics tend to charge a bit more, but you also have to consider your accommodations and ancillary expenses. Look at it this way, the more expensive it is to live there, the more everything is going to cost. 
Regardless of where you desire to go, either for beachside sun or fresh mountain air, our recommendations for where to stay and what to do will be based in the idea that your physical needs should be considered and that your procedure and health are priority number one. 
Please remember, we are not a clinic nor are we physicians. We are a consulting & planning firm here to inform you about your options for fertility treatments in Mexico and to help plan your experience there.

We are based in the United States, independent, and are here to help. Our process starts with a quick initial conversation where you can feel free to ask us questions and learn more about, what we hope will be, a life changing experience for you!