White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water surround this incredible beach resort area. With endless amounts of options for resorts and restaurants, Cancun can surely meet your IVFcationing needs. Whether you choose to stay at an all-inclusive or check out a new restaurant on the strip every night, you can eat to your heart's content, and while this location is generally famous for an active nightlife, it can just as easy meet your needs for peaceful R&R.  
  1. Unbeatable Beaches!
    Cancun has some of the best beaches in the world: White, sandy, and postcard worthy. So settle in with some sunscreen, grab a good book, and enjoy the views!
  2. Tourist Area
    This area features resorts and hotels with English speaking staff that make for greater ease with your IVFcation.
  1. Security Concerns
    This location has a security advisory from the United States Department.
  2. Higher Cost
    Anytime you go to a major tourist area, be prepared to pay higher prices. Accommodations, transportation, food, and even the procedure will likely cost you more.
  3. ZIKA Zone
    The ZIKA virus is carried by mosquitos. Areas at elevations below 6500ft throughout Mexico are considered higher risk areas by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
Please remember, we are not a clinic nor are we physicians. We are a consulting & planning firm here to inform you about your options for fertility treatments in Mexico and to help plan your experience there.

We are based in the United States, independent, and are here to help. Our process starts with a quick initial conversation where you can feel free to ask us questions and learn more about, what we hope will be, a life changing experience for you!


  1. 700K Residents
  2. Sea Level
  4. CUN
  5. 70-90 degrees

"​TOP 5"

We've argued, discussed, wieghed, and ranked, and in the end arrived at a Top 5 things to see and do at each destination, keeping in mind your procedure and health.

Scroll though the slides to take a look at what we would describe as interesting things to do and facsinating things to see that cannot be missed! 

​Best of all, our list is simply a "tip-of-the-iceberg" collection. Culture, heritage, art, history, sports, food, and natural sights are endless in this amazing country. 
  1. Argentinian Steakhouses
    Argentinian Steakhouses
    For some reason, Argentinian steakhouses are impossible to find the U.S. If you are in the area, you must take advantage and see how the other side of the equator sizzles a steak.
    Simply put, people go to Cancun for the beaches. Once you arrive you will see why and want to take advantage!
  3. La Isla Shopping Center
    La Isla Shopping Center
    A very nice and safe outdoor shopping area that is centrally located near the center of the Zona Hotelera
  4. Resorts!
    Just like other tourist destinations in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta there are a number of incredible resorts to enjoy. Wherever you end up staying, we highly recommend taking advantage of the services they have to offer.
  5. Ancient Ruins
    Ancient Ruins
    Cancun is situated near some incredible ruins that go back thousands of years. It is worth putting your feet on some this incredible history.