About Us




Mark and Claudia Hayes founded Truvaie LLC in June of 2017. After years of struggling with fertility issues, they decided to have IVF in Puebla, Mexico where both Claudia is from and they maintain a second residence. The incredibly positive experience they had along with cost savings inspired them to want to help other people experiencing the same struggle. 
At Truvaie, we work on your behalf. We do not recieve referral fees or compensation from any medical facility. In fact, we dig deep with clinics to obtain "local pricing" so that you do not pay a mark-up simply because you are not from Mexico. 

Our pride as a medical travel facilitator is to ensure that your experience is as stress free and low cost as possible. Combining the approach of a consulting firm with the capabilities of a full service travel agency, our standard of care for you will be nothing short of comprehensive.  
Interestingly enough, while there are numerous websites that promote fertility services in Mexico, seemingly none of them are independent. They are simply fronts, or "pass-throughs", for the clinics themselves that charge a substantial markup. 

Our firm goes far above and beyond those simple listing sites and offers a service to help you simplify an already daunting task and save you money. We know Mexico and the U.S. and can help you bridge that gap, plan an incredible IVF'cation, and hopefully grow your family. 
Please remember, we are not a clinic nor are we physicians. We are a consulting & planning firm here to inform you about your options for fertility treatments in Mexico and to help plan your experience there.

We are based in the United States, independent, and are here to help. Our process starts with a quick initial conversation where you can feel free to ask us questions and learn more about, what we hope will be, a life changing experience for you!